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By | August 30, 2017

Liquid fertilizer is most effective and quick way to nourish established plants in pots or in your garden. Liquid organic fertilizer works immediately on the plants which are under-nourished and tired, it also assuring superlative growth and quick recovery on the plants.

Product description of Seaweed liquid fertilizer;

Seaweed is a high-quality extract organic liquid fertilizer. It is very easy to use and makes it easy for you to take care of your plants. It is very Liquid fertilizer, Saosis Seaweed liquid fertilizerproductive and beneficial to all types of plants. Seaweed extract liquid fertilizer can provide cut flowers a long life if you will apply it to the plants a day or two days before cutting. It gives nutrients and natural hormones with easily absorbed form when it applies as a foliar feed. It has starches which are also called alginates that perform like sponges which help in holding and supplying water droplets near to plants roots. If you will use Seaweed, you will not require any other form of fertilizer or any other plant growth promoter.

Why organic liquid fertilizer is better than granular fertilizer:

Granulated fertilizers are dry particles of different sizes. They arise by crushing, granulation, crystallization, pulverization or pelleting. There are homogeneous products all granules contain the same nutrients in equal distribution and in homogeneous mixtures particles. Different nutrients in different distribution and concentration, solid granulated fertilizers are mixed with suitable fertilizer spreaders scattered. There are some key benefits of organic liquid fertilizer

  • Liquid fertilizer has fast effect, the immediate penetration into the lawn/soil
  • Precise distribution possible
  • Simple distribution using a common garden hose

But you can be a little antagonistic and support the lawn while growing. The greatest advantage of liquid fertilizer is the fact that it penetrates the soil immediately. As a result, it is possible for the active ingredients from the liquid fertilizer to be able to take up their service almost immediately and to help the lawn plants in the initial growth. Just when it gets hot quickly and nature awakens very quickly, it can be useful to provide the lawn as quickly as possible additional nutrients.

Another advantage of liquid fertilizer is the more precise application. While a spreader can ensure that the fertilizer is distributed evenly, a spraying system for liquid fertilizers offers even greater precision.

Why is organic liquid fertilizer better than soil fertilizer?

Fertilizers are responsible for delivering and returning to the soil the necessary nutrients that is needed for the growth of plants, trees, meadows, and shrubs.

The difference may be in your physical state, whether it is liquid or solid or in its composition, whether organic or mineral. Here are seven advantages of liquid or organic fertilizers in plants:

  • They are the best to replenish organic matter in the soil.
  • They do not degrade the life of the soil or destroy the microorganisms of plants. They help the proliferation of microbial flora, which restructures soil balance.
  • They recover the organic matter of the soil.
  • They allow carbon fixation in the soil as well as the ability to absorb water.
  • Stimulates plant growth.
  • More healthy and abundant harvests are obtained.
  • They are easily absorbed by the roots of plants.
  • They help to improve the absorption of nutrients from plants.

Why organic liquid fertilizer takes less time to react?

The liquid fertilizer allows a better use of the nutrients while reducing the risk of planting the plants. The liquid form of organic fertilizer reacts in less time because the complex formulation ensures a better accessibility of the nutrients, as they are released slowly and in the course of plant demand and a reduction in the nutrient loss due to evaporation, leaching and chemical/physical binding to the soil. Liquid fertilizer can be adapted to individual requirements, and the product can be enriched with micro nutrients and mixed with conventional plant protection products.

Where to buy liquid fertilizer online in India ?

Saosis is one of the best known Organic fertilizer manufacturers in India. They make liquid fertilizer that are pure organic. You can buy their liquid fertilizer products here.

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