Natural Fertilizers for Plants

By | August 24, 2017

Natural Fertilizers for Plants, if you enjoyed learning more about plants in your school life, you should know there are many ways of making old fashioned Natural Fertilizers for Plants.

Natural Fertilizers for Plants, made from organic or artificially, is a substance that provides all most all nutrients in variable quantity to plants for their growth.

Natural Fertilizers for Plants, organic made or synthetic made, is a substance that provides specific nutrients to plants for their growth. Natural Fertilizers for Plants contain two categories of nutrients; Macro nutrients, namely Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (These macro nutrients are required in large quantities), Where as Micro nutrients such as Chlorine, Boron, Iron, Copper, Manganese are required in trace amounts.

The difference between Natural Fertilizers for Plants from a synthetic or inorganic fertilizer, is where the nutrients come from. Synthetics or chemical fertilizers are usually manufactured by Chemical reaction that also produce Ammonia. Ammonia is the basic building block for the production of other synthetic compounds. Inorganic fertilizer can also be obtained from natural sources, like rocks and minerals etc.

Natural Fertilizers for Plants are easily bio-degradable and do not cause much environmental pollution. Chemical fertilizers contaminate both the land and water, which may lead to major diseases in human beings and is the force behind the extinction of a number of plant, animal, and insect species.

Why do you need Natural Fertilizers for Plants?

Why do you need Natural Fertilizers for Plants? Why cant plant grow without fertilizers? The answer to these question depends on; soil, on farms as well as in the wild, by default has nutrients in it. However, the proportion of minerals and nutrients present in it is different in different places on earth. For example: Within a field, the nutrient content is similarly not uniform. While in the wild, plants that are most suitable to the soil and other conditions grow and you don’t have any control over their growth. However, since you want to grow only your favored variety of plants in your garden or farm, you need to add nutrients according to the needs of that variety of your soil and plant species.

For all organic gardeners, establishing a living soil rich humus and natural nutrients is the key to growing great flowers, vegetables and fruits. The overall fertility of the soil and its nutritional value rather than the application of fertilizer as quick fix, is truly organic gardening.

All gardeners have to start somewhere. So start today and use only Natural Fertilizers for Plants !!

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