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Neem cake is a by product which is obtained after cold pressing of Neem tree fruits which also include Neem kernels and the solvent extract process for Neem oil. Neem cake is an excellent source of organic manure. Neem cake organic manure is specified under the Bureau of Indian standards, specification no. 8558. In the past many international research has demonstrated Neem cake potential as a fertilizer. In order to make Neem cake based organic manure Neem cake and Neem leaves are especially promising.

Neem cake contains sufficient quantity of NPK in organic form for excellent plant growth. Neem cake being totally botanical product it has 100% natural Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus and many other essential micro nutrients required for complete Neem cake based organic farming. Nitrogen content in neem cake is between 2% – 3%, Phosphorus content 0.5 – 1%, Potassium content 1% – 2%. Beside this Neem cake also contains Calcium 0.5 – 3%, Magnesium 0.3 – 1%, Sulphur 0.2% – 3%, Zinc 15 ppm – 60 ppm, Cupper 4 ppm – 20 ppm, Iron 500 ppm – 1200 ppm, Manganese 20 ppm – 60 ppm. Neem cake also contains greater amount of Sulphur compounds and bitter limonoids.

Many international research shows, Neem cake is able to make soil more fertile by blocking and slow-killing soil bacterial which is responsible for converting Nitrogenous compounds into Nitrogen gas. The process of converting nitrogenous compounds into nitrogen gas is called nitrification. Neem cake contains ingredients which prevents nitrification there by making availability of Nitrogen to both small duration crops and long duration crops.


Organic manure made from Neem cake protects plant root from Nematodes, soil grubs and white ants. This is mainly due to presence of residual limonoid content present in Neem cake. Neem cake also has natural pesticidal properties. Neem cake application has shown to increase dry matter content.

Research has shown Neem seed cake application reduces alkalinity in the soil. As Neem cake produces organic acid naturally on decomposition. Neem cake being totally natural it is compatible with beneficial soil microbes, improves microflora which ensures better soil fertility. Neem cake also improves the organic matter content in the soil, soil texture, water holding capacity and soil aeration which helps in better root development.

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